Documentary: Is Genesis History?

Two Competing Views ... One Compelling Truth

In this fascinating journey over a dozen scientists and scholars from all disciplines explore the world, hiking through canyons, mountains and diving into the sea. All this, just to see if, in fact, there is physical evidence for the global flood as described in the Bible (Genesis 6-9).

Join us for a free viewing of the Is Genesis History? documentary.

  • Saturday, October 26th, 2019 at 5 pm in the Chewelah Civic Center
  • FREE admission, refreshments and literature
  • PLUS: 3 Is Genesis History? DVDs as door prizes!
Note: There are two parking lots and two entrances. The main parking lot and entrance is on E. Clay Avenue (to the right of the library entrance) and the other is on E. Webster Avenue between the Police Department and the Firehouse.