COVID-19 Protocol

2020 Chewelah Seventh-day Adventist Church Reopening Process

Church Board/Custodian/COVID Coordinator Information


Date to reopen – August 1, 2020,  Church start time – 9:15am


Liability   UCC website:

Precautions for reopening must address two important components, physical health, and financial health.


We don’t want people getting sick as a result of coming to worship, and if we don’t demonstrate that we are complying with state guidelines, we will not be covered by insurance should someone get COVID and be able to trace it back to our church.


Pre-Opening Procedures (some by state requirement):

  • Develop cleaning checklist – name, date
    • Sanitize handrails
    • Bathrooms 
    • Door knobs Counter tops / tables
    • Pews (wood)
    • Pulpit
    • A/V equipment: mics, stands, electronics, etc. (AV team)
  • Clean facility. Disinfect high-touched surfaces, restrooms, mother’s room, lobby
  • Clean SS rooms, chairs, tables, teaching aids (not doing SS initially)
  • Clean / change heating / AC filters (person responsible)
  • Block off water fountain (person responsible)
  • Remove hymnals & Bibles from pews (person responsible)
  • Create signage: face coverings, distancing, washing hands, posted in prominent places around the church (Fred Lee)
  • Recommend appointment of 1 COVID coordinators 


Physical Distancing

  • The six foot physical distancing guideline must be observed at all times by those on church property.


Collecting Offerings, Bulletins

  • Deacons only handle offering baskets
  • Money counters wear masks and gloves
  • No children’s offering
  • No paper bulletins.  Announcements verbal and digital.



  • Dismiss by rows to maintain distancing (person responsible)
  • Encourage outdoor socializing maintaining distancing


Use of Restrooms

  • Place sanitizing wipes in restrooms by each toilet and by sinks. (When available)
  • Encourage users to self-clean toilet seats, flush handles, and faucet handles with sanitizing wipes after using facilities
  • Signage – no wipes in toilets
  • Parents assist children in using restroom
  • Deacon / deaconesses monitor restrooms


Foyer/Fellowship hall as overflow


Face Coverings and Air Quality

  • By state mandate, face coverings are required. Face coverings for children older than 2 years of age encouraged (required?)
  • According to NAD, if we have voted a safety policy and communicated that policy, we have done due diligence to protect ourselves against suit if people come and choose not to wear a face covering.
  • Prop doors open for ventilation. Enhance security.
  • Possibly designate one door for entrance and exit. Prop open for exit.
  • This document will be modified as policies change. 



2020 Chewelah Seventh-day Adventist Church Reopening Process

Congregation Information


Date to reopen – August 1, 2020

Church start time – 9:15 am


Dear Church Family,


As you know, the church reopening process is involved and a bit complex. We are anxious to worship together, and that time is just around the corner. In preparation, here is some information that we believe you will find helpful.


It is important that you understand that participating in corporate worship may carry some health risk related to COVID-19. Neither the church nor the Upper Columbia Conference is able to ensure that no risk is involved, and by participating in activities in the church, each person and family is assuming responsibility for personal safety. To assist in protecting our church family, we have adopted the following practices and guidelines.


  • Attendance caution is recommended for those at high risk; the elderly and those with compromising health conditions.
  • Please observe the six foot distancing guideline at all times while on church property.
  • Please stay home if:
  • You are sick.
  • You are running a temperature.
  • You have the sniffles or are coughing.
  • You have had recent contact with someone who is sick. 
  • You may be getting sick.
  • To support distancing, the sanctuary, fellowship hall and foyer (if necessary) will be used for services. Seating will be arranged to facilitate distancing. 
  • Initially, Sabbath School classes for adults or children will not meet.
  • To minimize risk of spreading infection, please refrain from touching any non-family members.
  • Also to minimize risk of spreading infection, use of face coverings is required by state mandate. The church will provide masks or you may bring your own.
  • Practice awareness of covering coughs and sneezes, but be kind to someone who may forget this courtesy.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available for your use.
  • Drinking fountains will not be available, but bottled water will be supplied for your needs. Or, you may bring your own water if you prefer.
  • High use areas and restrooms will be sanitized after all services. Please help us by using the supplied sanitizing wipes to self-sanitize flush handles, toilet seats, and faucets after using restroom facilities.  Parents are asked to assist children.
  • Deacons will dismiss by rows after services. Please wait to be dismissed.
  • Distance socializing is encouraged in the outdoors following the service.
  • Here is a link from UCC with information about COVID guidelines.